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Save money with discounted prices

BlueBean finds and negotiates discounts from vendor partners you may already be doing business with and those you may want to try. If your deals are better than ours, just add them in and make them available to all your employees.


Control what 
you spend

Establish your own spending rules. Whether you want to limit spending based on time, organizational units or specific individuals, we have you covered. Still want the flexibility of handling exceptions? BlueBean has an easy to use approval process.


No shared cards

Minimize the risks of shared cards. No matter what size your business, issue virtual cards with set limits for every purchase transaction to as many employees as you need.


Track your spending as you go

Get full visibility of your company spend. See purchases and expenses by team, category and individual, then use the insights to adjust your spending rules to your business needs.


Integrate with your accounting system

Export and sync all your purchasing transactions with accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks and Sage, to name a few. BlueBean makes your bookkeeping more accurate, more up to date with less effort than ever.

Get the most out of your existing browser experience

The all-in-one extension

No software

BlueBean’s extension runs on your existing browser and that’s the only thing you need to manage your business spending. Gone are the days of traditional procure to pay applications.

No training

BlueBean lets you enjoy a consumer-like buying experience with enterprise-level controls on existing ecommerce websites. With BlueBean say goodbye to procurement platforms’ trainings and certifications.

Start saving like a pro with BlueBean, your all in one business spend management solution

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