Procure to Pay simplified

The extension is just the visible part


Guided buying simplified

All your suppliers in one place
SSO access to negotiated catalogs
Spot buy discounts from the savings marketplace


Ai powered approval

Automatic approval of policy compliant purchase requests
Manual approval of exceptions
Real time notifications and one click approval


Invoiceless payment

Secure virtual debit and credit Cards on approval at checkout
One time and multi use purchases
Receipt capture and transaction matching


Automated accounting

G/L accounts and cost objects auto allocation
Account and cost allocation split
Transactions and receipt integration


Complete transparency

Multi-dimensional reports
Real time transaction updates
End to end request to pay traceability and audit-ability

Typical use cases

Punch out product catalog substitution

Corporate cards’ consolidation

Spot purchase savings capture

Risk elimination from payment card sharing

Expense claims and invoices elimination

Tail spend pre-purchase control

Exception based approval

Accounting automation

Empower your team and simplify your procurement processes

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