Savings Marketplace

savings as a service

BlueBean’s savings marketplace makes it easy for you to choose suppliers and GPOs that deliver savings for your business.

Where would you like to save?

With more than 30+ individual spend categories, leading GPOs and hundreds of suppliers with savings programs, BlueBean customers can save up to 20% on their purchases


More coming soon

How does the savings marketplace work?

BlueBean’s savings marketplace is dedicated to customers subscribing to our “Industry” plan. While you can start saving by using time bound coupons available at no cost on our extension, the savings marketplace offers always on deals curated by ourselves or our GPU partners1.

  • 1
    Create a BlueBean account
  • 2
    Add GPOs2 saving, categories & suppliers relevant to your business
  • 3
    Start saving!

See how much you could save

Utilise our new savings calculator to see how you could save up to 20% on different purchases for your business

Ready to take control of your business expenses?

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