The easiest way to save on business expenses

The extension is just the visible part

3 steps to start saving money

  • 1
    Create an account

    Verify your company and connect your existing bank account to start managing your spending

  • 2
    Set your spending rules

    Define teams and set spending limits to reflect your rules and maximum allowed spending

  • 3
    Empower your team

    Invite your team and start saving by having them request a card using our chrome extension 

Best in class
procurement simplified


Get discounted prices

Access discounted prices through coupon codes at check outs or from accessing pre-negotiated prices at partner’s websites. The more you check out using BlueBean, the bigger your savings will be.


Control what your team spends on

Set your own rules and empower your team to buy what your business allows, without delay, and within budget. BlueBean will notify you of any exceptions to your rules, and then you can accept or reject those requests with just one click.


No risk secure payment

Automatically issue a secure virtual card for every approved online purchase transaction. Minimize both the risks of a shared corporate card and the hassle of managing a card for every employee.


Real time spend visibility

Track every dollar spent by your employees with the lenses that fit your business best. Monitor how much you have spent and how much you have saved. Get real time understanding of your balances before approving purchase exceptions.


Low maintenance accounting

Map payment data to your expense accounts and get all your transactions automatically allocated for easy month-end closings. Download transactions and receipts to seamlessly book your expenses into your accounts.

Get your spending under control and boost your profits now

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