Procurement simplified

We are your procurement team, technology and policy. All in one.

We are your procurement team

Large businesses make use of professional procurement teams to get lower prices from their vendors. BlueBean’s discount codes and pre-negotiated prices on over 20+ purchase categories and thousands of products and services gives a headstart to any organization that does not have an inhouse procurement team.

We are your procurement policy

By establishing your spending limits on BlueBean and appointing approvers for off limits purchases, BlueBean makes it possible for your employees to buy according to your company rules. Our Ai policy enforcer will soon be able to monitor what is being bought and gives you even more control of your spending.

We are your 
procurement technology

Better prices do not transform into higher profits if prices are not applied. BlueBean makes all these prices available to you right where the purchase takes place: on your browser. As a browser extension BlueBean works on all suppliers ecommerce websites without the need for supplier onboarding, technology implementation, or employee training.

The extension is just the start Empower your employees now

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